Ernie's Mail

What is Ernie's Mail?
Introducing Ernie’s Mail, a new way to earn with EarningStation. Earn cash just by reading your emails!

How does it work?
When you receive an email from Ernie be sure to open and see what’s inside. Once you click on “Confirm Ernie’s Mail” your EarningStation account will be credited with a cash value from $0.01 to $.0.50. It’s truly as easy as that! We want to pay you for opening your emails.

Will paid emails still be coming from the same email address?
Yes, Ernie’s Mail will be coming from

Can I Opt out of EarningStation E-mails but still receive Ernie’s Mail?
Unfortunately, no. At this time,  if you opt out of EarningStation emails you will not receive Ernie’s Mail. However, you can re-subscribe to EarningStation emails by going to “My Account” and selecting Opt into E-mails.

Does Ernie’s Mail Expire?
Yes, you must confirm Ernie’s Mail within 72 hours of receiving the email message. Missed the paid opportunity? Don’t worry you can catch the next one. Be sure to look for Ernie’s Mail in the subject line.

How often is Ernie's Mail sent?
Great questions, Ernie’s Mail is sent weekly sometimes even more!

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