About the Earning Streak

EarningStation members can double, triple even quadruple their earnings for their daily activity! 

In order to double your daily earnings, you must come back every day and answer the daily poll, watch the daily video, attempt a LiveSample survey, and view the new Daily Dose to keep your Earnings Streak going.
10 Days = Double your Daily Earnings
30 Days = Tripe your Daily Earnings
50 Days = Quadruple your Daily Earnings
**Earnings multipliers shown above only apply to Earnings Streak activities.

For an example: Ernie completed the Earning Streak for 10
 days. He will now earn $0.04 for each daily activity instead of $0.02!

However, if you he miss a day, his Earning Streak will start over and go back to Zero (0) Days.


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