I did't recieve credit for a survey or offer, why?

Possible reasons for not receiving credit to your account:
  • If you did not fulfill or meet all of the requirements necessary. Please check EarningStation’s interstitial page for offer details.
  • If you have already completed or attempted the survey through another source.
  • Not all surveys credit in “real time”, some surveys can take up to 45 days to credit. 
  • You have security settings that is blocking or not accept third-party cookies. Please make sure you are allowing cookies to be tracked, this setting can be found within your browser settings.
  • Our third party advertiser marked you as a “speeder” which means you took the survey in a time marked you, which is too short to actually have read all of the words and given thoughtful feedback. 
To ensure that you receive credit for surveys you in fact did complete please keep all proofs (emails, screenshots, text messages, ect.) of completion for your records. When emailing customer service please include all proofs along with the approximate time and date of the survey completion. Please email us directly by clicking here for further assistance.

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